Ferdinand Ries -

Works for Piano and Orchestra 
Vol. I


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Click to hear an excerpt from the first movement of Concerto No.8 in A flat "Gruss an den Rhein" (1826). This is an un-edited run-through. 
With kind permission from NAXOS Records.
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And here you can find an interview with Uwe Grodd and Christopher Hinterhuber , which was broadcasted on Concert FM, a network of Radio New Zealand, with Charlotte Wilson. (approx. 17 MB - Windows Media Player)





Christopher Hinterhuber - Foto: Paul McGlashan










Christopher Hinterhuber practising during the break


Uwe Grodd - conductor

Christopher Hinterhuber - piano

New Zealand Symphony Orchestra

*** release November 2005 ***

NAXOS 8.557638


Making History


Over the past decade Naxos and its partner Artaria Editions have introduced millions to the music of forgotten masters such as Hofmann, Vanhal and Kraus.
Our most recent recording, however, promises to be one of the most sensational. In early February, pianist Christopher Hinterhuber and the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Uwe Grodd, recorded the first CD in our series of the complete works for piano and orchestra by Ferdinand Ries (1784-1838).
Ries was a prodigiously talented pianist and composer whose two most important teachers were his father Franz, who taught Beethoven, and Beethoven himself. Beethoven and Ries remained firm friends throughout their lives - helped no doubt by the fact that Ries did not live in Vienna - and Ries later co-wrote one of the most important early Beethoven biographies.
Dr Allan Badley  editor of the score and parts; Uwe Grodd; Christopher Hinterhuber - Foto: Paul McGlashan









Photo: Dr. Allan Badley - editor of the score and parts; 
Uwe Grodd, Christopher Hinterhuber

Ries enjoyed great success as a pianist and composer and among his most impressive works are the eight piano concertos which at times combine in a most appealing fashion the rugged power of Beethoven and the intense lyricism of the early Romantics. Although Ries studied piano with Beethoven his keyboard writing is closer in spirit to that of Hummel and later Chopin.

Our series of recordings will include all eight concertos as well as the smaller works for piano and orchestra.


Dr. Allan Badley


The New Zealand Symphony Orchestra; Uwe Grodd, Christopher Hinterhuber Photo: Paul McGlashan









Photo: New Zealand Symphony Orchestra in the Michael Fowler Centre Wellington, New Zealand February 1,2 and 3. 


Photocredit: Paul McGlashan